COVID-19 response- as of 5/18/20


Opening Statement


We here at Come and Take it are very excited to be able to open our doors and let everyone back in the door to continue working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As the day draws closer we wanted to reach out and provide some info and changes that will be happening around the gym. 

First and foremost your health and safety has been and will continue to be our number one priority. In accordance with the current local and state government guideline we will be allowing for 25% occupancy in the gym at a given time. For us, that means that including coach we are allowed 10 people in the building. In order to allow for best social distancing we will be limiting the class size to 6-9.

Reserving your class


In order to best serve you we have worked hard to provide the safest social distancing we can while allowing for the most options to improve your fitness. Because of class size limits and spacing, we will be asking you to please reserve your class time via the wodify app. The class reservations are set for 12 hours prior, but if you find that you cannot make it, please be sure to cancel your reservation. 

The sizes of the classes will be adjusted to cap size on the classes, so if you tend to go to a high traffic classes, consider trying another class or be sure to check in to ensure you are able to participate. You will input your scores in the app as well. Current limits are 6 in the main gym and 3 additional places in the Oly room. If you are trying us out for the first time, be sure to fill out your waiver via this website, and download the wodify app to reserve the class time you would like to participate in to ensure that you are able to have a spot available for you.

Arriving at the gym


We will be asking that as you arrive for your class to enter through the main bay door and to wait in your vehicle until 5 minutes before the start of class. At this entrance we will have a station that has a no contact thermometer as well as hand sanitizer available for use as you come in. There is a dedicated walkway along the back end of each of the lanes. Please utilize this as you pick your station.  At this time, please don’t bring gym bags into the gym. We want to ensure a safe lane for everyone to walk and to limit the amount of extra things around. 

If you do not feel well, please refrain from coming into the gym. Symptoms to look out for are shortness of breath, headache, fever (temperature greater than 100), cough, diarrhea, severe body aches, loss of taste and smell. For now, we will have the kids room closed in order to keep our cleaning standard optimal and we ask that you refrain from bringing them until we are past this phase of the reopening 

Class flow and set up


We have worked very hard to reconfigure the gym to allow for optimal social distancing. As well as this, we are providing wipes and disinfectant spray at each station for use. The rig has been relocated to the wall to open up the floor space, and necessary equipment to complete the workout will be near your dedicated spot to help ensure safe distancing. The spots will be marked off in tape on the floor of the gym and we will ask you to try and stay within the station during the class period. The normal class flow will also be adjusted during this time to allow for extra time for clean up. 

Community chalk will not be available at this time, but we will have baggies of personal use chalk available for your use. The normal class time from warm up to finish will be forty to forty five minutes. As the class comes to a close we will ask that you exit the building through the rear bay door.  At this door there will be another sanitizer station for your use as well as a trash can to discard any of the used paper towels you used to clean your equipment. Please try to not hang out in the gym as the class comes to an end. We all want to hang out but at least in this phase we ask to try and keep the flow in and out of the gym smooth.